I may be addicted to making monogrammed straw hats

By on July 3rd, 2013
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monogrammed straw hats
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Last week my two girls spent the week in Norfolk with their grandparents. Due to an unexpected (when are they ever expected?) funeral which caused my mother- and father-in-law to have leave town for the day, they had to find coverage for the girls. My two sister-in-laws enthusiastically pitched in and watched the girls while they were gone. So, I wanted to thank them in some way. Being that they are both beach lovers and my monogrammed straw hats were such a hit with my girlfriends, I made them some monogrammed straw hats.

This time when I went to Walmart, they were completely out of the tan straw hats that I used previously, so I went with the same style of hat in black. They have a fancier feel, and the pink and turquoise monograms really pop on the black hat.

Fortunately the sister-in-laws love the monogrammed straw hats. And the black was a hit as well. As my sister-in-law, Joanie, put it… “the black really darkens everything.” just what you need for a super sunny day at the beach.

Want to make a monogrammed straw hat? Check out my recent how-to.

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