Improvements to the love appliqué design, much much more versatility

By on October 12th, 2013
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love appliqué design
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A few months ago I digitized an appliqué design of the word “love”. I based the design off of a carved wooden sign of the word, “love”. The appliqué was designed to be stitched out with a triple stitch with raw edges. I am a big fan of this look because a) it’s is quick to do and b) the edges are left raw, so it looks great with knit fabrics – even a scrap of an old undershirt, and we’ve got plenty of those around!

Prior to this summer I stitched out the love appliquéd design on a gray T-shirt that I made for my for my older daughter. She wore it all the time and received many compliments on the shirt, so I thought that for sure it would be a super popular design on my at the store. But not so much.

It seems that visitors to my Etsy store must not feel the same way that I do about this design, because it has never sold. I think there might be two issues: 1) I only have it posted as a triple stitch design and 2) it was only sized at large-scale.

So I made some big improvements and added some versatility.  First – I made a satin stitch version of the appliqué and then a smaller version of both the triple stitch and the satin stitch appliqué designs.  Finally – I made a small, filled “love” embroidery file.

So… here we go again!  The design is back up on the site at the same price as before – but with a ton more versatility built in. Let’s hope that my fellow embroidery sisters are feeling the love.

See the “love” design. 

P.S. The pictured t-shirt with the love appliqué design I made for a birthday party this weekend.   My daughter told me it looked “like a candy cane.”  Not really what I was going for… hopefully her friend likes it.

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