Inspiration Sunday courtesy of the Madison Children’s Museum

By on June 10th, 2013
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One of the trade-offs I made with my kids while in Wisconsin this past week was that I took them to the children’s museum and they came to the fabric store with me. This trade worked out very well for me because, A) I got to do arts and crafts and climb around in a gargantuan sculpture at the Madison Children’s Museum, B) I found inspiration for embroidery on the walls of the museum. and C) I got to go to an awesome fabric store, Sewcial.

On the walls in Madison Children’s Museum are inspirational quotes pertaining to childhood and the importance of play. Once I started to notice them I began to snap pictures of the quotes that I liked best. I actually dragged my kids around for a last minute tour of the museum to see if there were any good quotes that I had missed.

So here’s what I’m thinking… these quotes would be very cool stitched out on pillows or simply on fabric and framed as the core for some type of space and geared towards kids. Keep your eyes out for the machine embroidery files coming soon. ¬†Would love to hear your thoughts.

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