It’s free machine embroidery design Monday! And I am giving you a sun and killing two birds with one stone in the process.

By on September 12th, 2013
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sun appliqué design
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When my crazy little wack-a-doo daughter, Ilse, gets a vision, look out!  Ilse got inspired when we were at JoAnns fabric a few weeks ago, snapping up $1 neon shirts for Tommy’s party favors. She liked the $1 shirts but what she really liked was a different bright orange shirt that was not in the clearance bin because it matched PERFECTLY with this cotton, orange chevron print fabric she had spotted earlier, and she decided she wanted me to stitch out a sunset on the t-shirt.   Hmmm… a bit tricky.

We eventually settled on was a sun appliqué design using the chevron print with some coordinating yellow fabric that would be stitched out with bright orange neon thread.  And….she thought she might want her initial in the center of the sun as well.

Since Ilse reminds me about her sun shirt project just about EVERY DAY – I have got to get this done to just get it out of my stinkin’ sewing room!  The first step of course is setting up the design which I have done today while I prewash the fabrics prior to the appliqué process (to avoid shrinking).

Perhaps you have a daughter that wants a sun t-shirt as well?  For that reason I am posting my sun as the free design for today.  It’s about 6″ x 5″.  Enjoy!

Download the sun appliqué design

4 thoughts on “It’s free machine embroidery design Monday! And I am giving you a sun and killing two birds with one stone in the process.

  1. I’m subscribing by email and would love to get a user ID and password so that I can get access to the free embroidery files- thanks in advance!


    1. HI Dixie –
      If we haven’t straightened it out yet – please just send me an email. Once people sign up to follow – I have to go in and make them a user. When I do that – you get emailed a userid and password. Perhaps this email went to your spam folder or I did something stupid and forgot to check the box to generate the email. Just let me know. Thanks so much for your interest.

  2. Really enjoyed your blog and posts about your daughter.

    1. Thanks so much. You made my day. That girl is a hoot.

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