It’s inspiration Sunday and I am inspired by the science center in Nashville, Tennessee

By on August 6th, 2013
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Our family reunion that we attended this weekend in Tennessee involved a lot of sitting around and visiting. This is fine if you’re an adult who loves to sit around and chat, however I can only take so much.  My kids (who are all under 10 years old) could take even less of it. When you combine our low tolerance for sitting around with the fact that our accommodations were pretty subpar, we were looking for things to do that would entertain us all and give us a reprieve from the reunion.

The brochures in the display at our (flea bag) hotel provided many ideas but we decided on going to the Nashville science center.  It was actually pretty fantastic. We spent about two hours there, and the kids absolutely loved it.

Despite the fact that I was in a science center, my mind was drifting towards embroidery. I am always thinking… how can my current environment might inspire an embroidery project? Inpiration struck while waiting outside the planetarium. I got the idea to create embroidery designs based on constellations, and I’m pretty psyched about the idea.

I’m pretty sure that many people have a favorite constellation. Also because there are constellations that represent every astrological symbol, I’m sure even more people self identify with the constellation associated with their astrological symbol.

Well I haven’t created the design yet because I just got home from Tennessee, however I did create a little visualization of how my embroidery design might appear on a t-shirt. This is just a starting point.  Eventually I can imagine a whole solar system stitched out on a maybe a duvet cove?? Super cool.

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait!

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