It’s inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by Juliana Margulies’ dress at the Emmys

By on September 24th, 2013
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Did you see the Emmys on Sunday night? Well I haven’t. But I did see the red carpet show on the E! channel, and that’s about all I am interested in watching. It’s hard for me to care about any of the shows on television and the awards they are receiving when the only one I watch is Project Runway. Which makes me wonder… did Project Runway win any awards on the Emmys? I will have to look into that.

If you tune in to the Emmys strictly for the fashion, then you probably remember Juliana Margulies’ dress from Sunday night. Oh my goodness, does that woman not age? I don’t think she looks a bit different then she did as that nurse on ER 20 years ago. Maybe better. But most importantly, the dress, the dress….

As the cohosts on the red carpet show pointed out, you don’t see many prints on the red carpet as they can be “hard to wear.” But this bold white dress with the black print was beautiful. (Ironically – I learned from doing a bit of research on-line – Ms. Margulies wore a white dress a few years ago as well and it was a total stinker. It was actually called the space robot dress.)

This got me thinking about how cool it might look to do some black stitching on white garments. I am thinking specifically about my rose triple-stitch appliqué design ditched out on a white t-shirt (that I mocked up on this page) maybe in a thick textured black thread?? I also have a squiggly line that I have not digitized yet which might look really cool stitched out multiple times on a white dress with black thread. One of these days I am going to bust out my Mega Hoop and make some big embroidery statements!

Now if you are like me and have the Emmy’s DVRed – you have another reason to go check it out besides seeing Tina Fey pop out of her dress (ugh – poor thing!)

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