It’s inspiration Sunday, and I’m inspired by my new curtain from Denmark

By on October 14th, 2013
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My best friend, Alix, spent the summer doing architectural research in Scandinavia. Besides getting a lot of research done, she picked up a little bit of language. For example, she learned the words for new boobs is “nye bruster.” (She picked this up from an advertisement for plastic surgery.) So as you can see, it was a very worthwhile trip.

Alix, being the good friend that she is, took a lot of pictures of patterns, designs signs, etc… and sent them to me for digitizing inspiration. But, I haven’t even gotten to most of that yet. As you may recall, she has some pretty crazy ideas about what she thinks should be digitized (e.g. SuperToken) so I am not sure if I will ever get to it, but anyway…

She also got me a birthday present from Denmark. that I just received last week. (My birthday is in June, and it is October. But that’s cool. That just gave me a three-month grace period for her birthday gift.) In addition to some really cool earrings, Alix sent me a groovy piece of fabric from Denmark.

When I called her to say “thank you,” she admitted that after she purchased the fabric, she discovered that the fabric is actually a curtain. Oh well… I like it anyway. The flowers within the print are bold and groovy, and I think they would look great as an embroidery or appliqué file. But I’m still not sure what I will make out of my fabric/curtain. It is a nice light cotton and might look really cute as a little simple dress for one of my girls. Or I may change the color scheme in my house and hang these up his curtains. Just kidding.

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