It’s inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by the new Boden Kids catalog

By on August 20th, 2013
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Boden kids catalog provides inspiration
free machine embroidery designs

The new Boden Kids catalog arrived and OMG there are so many cute things in this catalog. Here are 10 inspiring ideas I got while looking at this catalog.

1) Making mix up t-shirts. Boden has these great long sleeve t-shirts that look like the sleeves came from one shirt and the body from another. Why not take two t-shirts apart at the sleeves and recombine them and maybe add some appliqué

2) Retro milk bottle t-shirt for a baby. I’m totally digitizing my own version.

3) Dandelion print. A simple dandelion blowing in the wind stitched out on clothing is a sweet nod to nature.

4) Lighting bolt appliqué. Reference a super hero without actually picking one.

5) “ROAR” applique. I just love this appliqué idea for a noisy little kid… maybe even a baby?

6) Corduroy star and heart patches for jeans. Practical, adorable and so easy to make on your embroidery machine (especially now that I know how to make patches…)

7) Simple appliqué flower where each petal is a different fabric but are harmonious together.

8) Multiple instances of an appliqué on a long sleeve T. Boden’s butterfly t-shirt is fantastic as is the retro birds arranged in a grid on the front of a t-shirt.

9) Oversized monster pillow. If you made each eye as big as the hoop would allow and a set of teeth and you have a HUGE crazy monster pillow.

10) DOTS. Why not applique a bunch of dots in fun colors on a bottom of a skirt.

I might just do that last one for myself.

If you have never seen the Boden catalog, check them out on-line.

2 thoughts on “It’s inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by the new Boden Kids catalog

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