It’s Inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by the World Series

By on October 28th, 2013
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Here’s what it looks like when I log into my Facebook account.  “Go Cardinals, Go Red Sox, Go Cardinals, Go Red Sox.” It’s actually kind of funny during and after a game because one person is happy the next is angry.

The reason why I have this situation is because my husband and I used to live in Boston so I have 7 years worth of friends that I am connected to via Facebook most of whom are Red Sox fans. Also – both of my daughters were born in Boston, so I have some love for the city (a tiny tiny morsel of love).

So you might think that I would be torn about who to root for in the World Series. But, here’s the deal.  If the Red Sox were playing some other National League team – I might be rooting for the Red Sox – but otherwise – I’m a Cardinals fan.  My husband, on the other hand, is a native Virginian who lived in Boston longer than me – so he’s a bit more torn – but still ultimately rooting for the Cardinals.  But my Boston-born girls feel a little bit sad when Boston loses a game.

When we first moved to St. Louis, my husband made the mistake of wearing his Red Sox hat into Home Depot.  He found a Home Depot employee and began explaining a problem he was having with the plumbing in our house.  The man listened politely, then responded… “I’ll tell you what your problem is… it’s that hat your wearing.” Since then my husband has been a bit more careful about the hat he wears around town.

So tonight as we are watching the game, my husband came up with a brilliant idea.  How about I make him a hat that could be worn in two ways.  I think this brilliant, so I decided to conceptualize this reversible, embroidered knit cap.  Like the concept?   I may have given you the perfect gift idea for the sports lover in your life torn between two teams.  You can thank me later. ha!

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