It’s inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired to make my own fabric

By on December 3rd, 2013
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If you watch Project Runway, then you are probably familiar with the challenge where the contestants have to design their own fabric. They do their design work on their HP tablets and then the fabric is printed for them and delivered back to the studio. To be honest with you I think most of the prints they come up with are pretty hideous, but I do think the idea of making your own fabric is pretty cool.

I love the idea of creating a fabric design through a repeated embroidery pattern and have done a bit of experimenting with this technique. For example, when I made the skirt with the abstract flower designs inspired by my sister-in-law’s dress, I stitched out all of the embroidery prior to putting the skirt together. (Let me tell you… embroidering on a pattern piece sure beats the hell out of stitching out an embroidery design on a tiny little baby onesie.) I have grand visions of designing some embroidered fabric with some big bold designs using my mega hoop, but haven’t quite gotten to that one yet.

Anyway, getting back to the idea of printing a design on fabric. My friend, Anna, introduced me to a website called Spoonflower where you can submit your graphic and have it printed on the fabric. She is actually doing a project requiring her to print her husband’s family crest on fabric. One of the great things about Spoonflower is that it’s not that expensive to print the fabric – only $15.75/yard. So lets all design some fabric ourselves and see how hard it actually is.  Maybe I’ll see how hideous mine looks then have to go easier on the Project Runway contestants.

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