It’s inspiration Sunday, and (now that I know what they are) I’m inspired by monogrammed boot cuffs!

By on January 3rd, 2014
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monogrammed boot cuffs
monogrammed boot cuffs (not my picture)

Inspiration struck for me this past week when watching my college-aged cousin open her Christmas gift.  She received these weird looking knit tube things.  Not knowing what they were, my other cousins and I made some inappropriate comments until she explained that they were boot cuffs.  OHHHHH…. I didn’t even know such things existed.

After looking around a bit – I see that boot cuffs are indeed a thing – and there are tons available on-line and in stores.  I am loving some of the hand crocheted boot cuffs that are sold in Etsy stores.  These are so beautiful I wouldn’t dare add any embroidery to them.  But what about monogramming some simply styled (read: not hand crocheted) boot cuffs? This would certainly be easier than monogramming boots and would have a similar impact.

What do you all think?  Have you tried it?  Is this a popular item being requested by your customers?  Now that I know what these things are – I am on a mission to make a pair for myself.

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