Lightning bolt machine applique design for my little boy.

By on November 12th, 2013
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lightening bolt appliqué design
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Some people describe their little boys are “all boy.”  But that depiction does not apply to my little 4-year-old boy, Thomas.  He’s not really “all boy” but more of a ladies man.   Thomas, being the younger brother of two older girls, has a vocabulary of a child a few years his is senior and a familiarity with all things girl.  These characteristics serve him well when it comes to wooing the little ladies in his class.  As his main (4-year-old) squeeze explained to her mom, “Thomas is a boy but he will play with princesses.”

When I make embroidery designs for Thomas – anything overly boyish (trucks, sports, etc…) – really doesn’t suit him. I like to put designs on his shirts that are more gender neutral and slightly bohemian. The fish skeleton design that I stitched out a t-shirt is a perfect example.

When it comes to dressing Thomas (or any of my kids for that matter) – another thing I don’t like is using my kids as an advertisement for a specific product or character.  For example – I would never dress my kid in a Sponge Bob t-shirt in public. Pajamas – ok – to wear to school?  no thanks.  Ok ok I am a snob.

My husband does not abide by any of my rules for dressing Thomas and bought him a set of underoos.  But in his defense, it’s hard to buy little boy underpants without characters on it.   I guess I must have been inspired by a vague superhero notion, because I found myself digitizing this bolt of lightning design.  I based it off some royalty-free clip art so I don’t think it’s associated with a specific superhero… but who knows.   The bottom line is that Thomas likes it – and he wants it in pink.

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