Machine embroidered skirt I made for my friend, Julie

By on June 13th, 2013
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My friend, Julie Smith, had a birthday this week and I knew exactly what to make for her. She has not been subtle about her infatuation with the Thailand flower design I digitized while ago which was inspired by a graphic on a wall in Thailand. She absolutely covets my denim skirt that I embroidered with a design I created

Obviously for her birthday I needed to make her a skirt like mine, but I was out of town all weekend and had a super busy day on Monday. But, believe it or not, this whole project came together before her birthday gathering on Monday night. To make this happen, my first stop was the clearance rack at Old Navy where I found some great gray pencil skirts made out of thick cotton jersey. These skirts were begging to be embroidered. (Actually now that I think about it I need to go back and get some more.)

Like the skirt I made for myself, I planned to stitch out three instances of the flower – two smaller ones and one larger one. But instead of making all the flowers the same, I rotated the colors and I think I might like her skirt a little better.  I was able to plan the placement of the flowers by drawing circles in corresponding sizes on the front of the skirt with a washable marking pen.

Thailand flower machine embroidery design

Julie went bananas when she saw her new skirt.  I think like I hit a home run.

Like the design? Or want to make a friend as happy as Julie?  The Thailand flower design is on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.  You, too, can have a skirt like me and Julie.

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  1. I’m famous!!! But wait – you were supposed to photoshop out my flab belly!! 😉

    1. I couldn’t see any. Honestly I thought you looked adorable.

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