Machine embroidery freebies

If you own an embroidery machine, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new designs. And who can blame you? With an embroidery machine, the possibilities are endless! But buying embroidery designs can be pricey and finding machine embroidery freebies can be a challenge.

That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the best machine embroidery freebies out there. From floral motifs to geometric patterns to holiday themed designs, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wardrobe or spruce up your home décor, be sure to check out these machine embroidery freebies.

How to find free machine embroidery designs

If you’re looking to experiment with your embroidery machine but are tired of the designs that came with your machine and don’t want to pay for them, search no further: there are plenty of free resources available!

Look for websites that sell machine embroidery designs. Many offer freebies if you sign up for an account on their site.

You can also search through the many online forums and social media groups dedicated to machine embroidery fans. They often discuss sources for machine embroidery freebies.

To make it a bit easier for you – I’ve found sites that offer machine embroidery freebies as well as types of free designs you can find online.

Machine embroidery freebies on this website

One easy place to go to get machine embroidery freebies is right here! Just subscribe to the newsletter, confirm your subscription, and I’ll send you the password to access the resource library where you can download dozens of freebies.

But, consider my site as just a starting point for building your library of free machine embroidery designs. You can find so many more all over the Internet.

Sites that offer machine embroidery freebies

When I first stated looking for free machine embroidery designs – I was overwhelmed by the number of websites that seemed to offer them. But with a little searching, I found some of my favorites. Here are some great places to search for machine embroidery freebies.

Searching through all of these sites can be quite time consuming. I realize that if you are a looking for a specific type of machine embroidery design, it would be much easier to search for them by type or theme.

Specialty types of machine embroidery freebies

Free in-the-hoop designs

These are designs that are created within the hoop of your machine and require no additional assembly or stitching. You can find a variety of in-the-hoop freebies, from coasters to key fobs.

Free machine embroidery fonts

These are special fonts that can be used to build words, monograms and phrases that you can stitch out on your embroidery. You can find all styles of free embroidery fonts, from cursive to script and much more!

Free font from SWAK

Free machine embroidery designs suitable for different occasions

To make your searching a bit more efficient, I’ve created lists of free machine embroidery designs suitable for special holidays like Easter, Christmas, Halloween and more. Many websites offer free machine embroidery designs that are ready-made to celebrate any holiday or occasion.

ghost and wizard hat - Halloween machine embroidery freebie

Check out:

Ready to start downloading?

I hope that you have seen that buying embroidery designs is the only way to get started, there are actually many free machine embroidery designs available online. So whether you’re looking for special occasion designs or just want to experiment with designs other than the ones that are on your machine, be sure to check out these websites for free machine embroidery designs.