Make a personalized spa tote with your embroidery machine for the perfect tween party favor. Am I THAT mom?

By on March 26th, 2014
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My daughter’s slumber party to celebrate her 10th birthday was a couple Friday nights ago. And as of 3:00 PM that day, I had NO idea what we would do for her party favor.  I mean, since she only had five friends coming, I wanted to put together something that was a bit classier than pencils, stickers, candy and other random throw away crap.

Inspiration struck when I found some Pinterest boards on party favors for pre-teen girls. One cute idea I saw was a mason jar filled with cotton balls, nail polish and nail polish remover. But I immediately nixed this because, come on… who wants 5 10-year-old girls using nail polish in their house?? Plus there was nothing to embroider or personalize with this project.

Along the same line as the nail polish kits were some little spa totes which I decided were just the ticket. So we made a quick dash to the one dollar island at Target for some soaps and lotions, then grabbed a few white washcloths. About an hour after we got home, I had all five wash cloths personalized while my daughter busily assembled all the totes with their spa components.

I’ll admit it might’ve been a little bit over-the-top for a party favor, but at least we felt good about  what we were giving away, and it was something that could actually be used.  So, I guess, yes I am THAT mom… and proud of it!

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