Making a heart patch with my embroidery machine. This may change everything…

By on September 1st, 2013
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My daughter, Ilse, never wears pants. I mean NEVER. All winter she wears some combination of leggings and a dress or a long sleeve t-shirt. And that’s about it. Ironically she has about two dresser drawers full of jeans and corduroys passed down from her older sister and her cousin. I’m not even sure why I keep them in the house though.

I really don’t care that much what my kids wear – as long as they are not in pajamas when we are walking out the door to go to school. I know other mothers who fuss over what their kids wear as if it is a direct reflection on their own good taste. Me – not so much. Nevertheless, when we go through Ilse’s drawers I have her try on everything, not only to see what she has grown out of, but also with the hope that maybe she might broaden her clothing horizons a bit. (Again – not because I care so much about what she wears – it’s just hard to keep her favorite three outfits clean.)

Trying on clothes is the only time I see my daughter in a pair of jeans – which is a bit of a shame because she looks ADORABLE in them. In our last round of cleaning out the drawers we discovered a pair of jeans in the hand-me-down pile that fit Ilse perfectly but had a little hole in the knee. I had just been looking at the Boden Kids catalog which featured the most adorable kids pants with corduroy patches on the knees so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try to copy the look. I also had just figured out how to make a patch on my embroidery machine. So… it was on.

I decided to make a heart shaped patch out of a lavender corduroy that had a bit of sparkle in it.  I have had the fabric laying around forever.  Of course, Ilse loved the patch and the new and improved jeans. Will this change her sense of fashion? I don’t but this patch could be the gateway to whole new variety of looks this fall.

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