Making a repeatable border machine embroidery design from the Celtic goddess symbol.

By on September 2nd, 2013
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You may recall a few months back that I digitized a special design for my hostess in Switzerland, Caroline, who referred to me and my traveling companions as “American goddesses,” which of course we found HILARIOUS.   The design that I digitized was a Celtic symbol for goddess which seemed fitting since Caroline is Irish and, of course, referred to us as goddesses.  The gift that I bestowed upon Caroline was a set of dish towels with the goddess symbol stitched out on them.

Since making that gift I posted the Celtic goddess design on my Etsy store which has actually sold…. once.  But I actually think this design has more potential.  For weeks I have been wondering how it might look as a repeatable pattern with smaller versions of the goddess symbol placed next to each other in opposite orientations.

I finally got around to testing out my theory – setting up a new file with six instances of the goddess symbol next to each other and stitching it out on a small piece of fabric that I turned into a headband for my daughters.   The girls love the headband – but here’s what I am thinking… this may be cool on the bottom of a skirt.  It may require a bit of re-hooping but that may be my next challenge.

To make this design accessible for people with smaller hoops I set up version of the file with just three repeats.  So even if you have a smaller hoop, you can do the same thing with twice as many hoopings.

Check out the revised Celtic goddess symbol design on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.

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