Making my first patch on my embroidery machine

By on August 17th, 2013
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I recently received an inquiry through my Etsy store asking if I could do something that I had never attempted: make a patch with my embroidery machine. The customer (and her daughter) loved my modern dahlia embroidery design, but did not have an embroidery machine to stitch it out. She wondered if I would be willing to make a patch based on the smaller sized dahlia in shades of purple so she could put it on her daughter’s backpack.

What a fantastic opportunity to try something new! And, I mean how hard could making a patch be? There are many tutorials on-line. Some scared me a bit – telling me that you needed some type of tool to burn off the excess material around the edge of the patch. Nevertheless, after reading a few I was ready to give it a try.

For the patch background, I used a piece off-white twill. To make it a bit more rigid, I ironed it onto a piece of heavy-weight interfacing. I then stuck the resulting piece onto hooped adhesive-baced stabilizer and began stitching out the design.

I did have to make a minor modification to the design before I could turn it into a patch. I added an appliqué outline around the dahlia. When digitizing, I used the “trim in place” setting to incorporate a tack down stitch, allowing me to secure the twill + interfacing layer to the stabilizer and then trim around it prior to completing the satin stitch outline. Therefore, when the satin stitch outline was being stitched, it was actually stitching onto the patch’s fabric background and stabilizer.

After completing the patch, I emailed a picture to my customer and her daughter who were super excited. I dropped in in the mail this week – just in time to get it on her daughter’s backpack for the first day of school next week.

4 thoughts on “Making my first patch on my embroidery machine

  1. Gorgeous!!! Did you make the patch to sew or to iron on? I am looking for something that works well for iron on patches, but not been that convinced by anything I have yet tried…

    1. Thanks! I used Heat n’ Bond light. I imagine she will iron on and maybe hand stitch as well.

  2. Thanks Julia!

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