Monogrammed linen hand towels… a great gift for everyone apparently!

By on December 22nd, 2013
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monogrammed linen towels
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So three days before Christmas my husband keeps approaching me with more gifts he needs embroidered for people at work. I find this to be a bit ironic. ┬áBecause, for as much as he complains about the amount of time I spend in my sewing room, he sure isn’t complaining today.

Back in November I purchased a pack of linen hand towels (via Amazon – gotta love Amazon Prime) with the intention of monogramming a pair or two for us and a set as a gift for our friends. I thought I would have the rest of the pack laying around for a while. But because my husband kept coming up with people he wanted to give gifts to – the other day I monogrammed my way through the entire pack of linen hand towels – six different sets.

The design I stitched out on the towels I made about six months ago. I think it is modern and elegant and looks great on linen. I will eventually add it to my Etsy store bit I have to finish setting up all the letters. So I would love to hear your thoughts on the design.

I am hoping my recipients find these hand towels to be both beautiful and useful. After stitching out 12 of them I am ready to not see them anymore!

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