Monogrammed straw beach hats for the ladies

By on June 26th, 2013
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monogrammed straw hats
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For the past few years at some point in mid June, my three friends and I get together to celebrate our June and July birthdays. This year it was less of an intimate gathering and more of an all out ladies bash. I guess we kind of make a big deal about our birthdays.

This year I had the perfect gift for my three birthday sisters…drumroll please… Monogrammed Straw Hats! It’s officially my go to birthday gift of the summer. My plan was to purchase the straw hats from Target just like the one I embroidered for my friend/coworker, Sarah’s mom Karen. However I happened to be at Walmart on Monday night and I decided to check out their straw hat selection. This turned out to be a good decision because they had simple straw hats with a neutral ribbon for $7.97 each.

This time when I set up the monograms on my computer I went a little bit larger than I had in the past. I believe the height of the largest letter in the monogram was about 2.75 inches. One trick I picked up in making these hats is to set up the monogram file so that the first letter stitched out is the largest letter in the center. By doing this you secure your hat on to the adhesive stabilizer helping it avoid getting caught on the machine when you stitch close to the center of the hat.

My girlfriends went bananas for their new monogrammed straw hats. I kept telling them I only spent 20 minutes on them and about eight dollars at Walmart. But they were still super impressed and extremely grateful. Oh my God I love embroidery.

Check out my how-to on monogramming straw hats.

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