Monogrammed straw hat for my friend’s mom

By on June 21st, 2013
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straw hat with monogram
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I have a friend at work named Sarah and her mother has the same birthday as my mother. We often discuss what we are giving our mothers for their respective birthdays, and occasionally we get ideas from one another

I have been showing Sarah the items that I have embroidered, and she especially likes the straw that I made for my mother for Mother’s Day. So I thought it would be nice to offer to monogram a straw hat for Sarah’s mom, Karen. Sarah took me up on my offer.

Sarah purchased her big floppy straw hat at Target, and I think she paid about $10 for it. They work really well for embroidery.

The hat Sarah bought was white and she requested a monogram in pink. I set up the monogram in my embroidery software using a traditional monogram script. I made the letters approximately 2 1/2 inches high, although I could’ve gone a little bit bigger. Fortunately my adhesive-backed stabilizer was able to hold onto the hat while it was being stitched. I gently supported the opposite side of the hat so that it would not get stuck on any of the random objects lying around my sewing table.

After one round of stitching was done, I realized that I forgot to lay a layer of Sulky on the hat, so after I stitched out the monogram, I put down another layer of Sulky and stitched the monogram out again over the previous monogram. This always concerns me a little bit because I worry that perhaps the object has moved during the first round of stitching and my second layer of stitching won’t be precisely on top of the first layer. But in this case the stitching lined up just fine and the second layer of stitching gave the monogram more density and thickness, and the hat turned out great.

Sarah says her mother loves the hat and now on her mother’s sisters want one too. Fantastic.

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