Monogrammed straw hat for my husband’s secretary

By on July 18th, 2013
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monogrammed straw hat
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My husband, Richard, often gives me crap about the amount of time I spend in my sewing room. So I find it a bit ironic when he comes to me asking me to make a gift for one of his friends or colleagues. I actually try to embrace these requests because it provides more justification for the amount of time I spend in my sewing room.

A couple of days ago Richard was bemoaning the fact that he had forgotten to contribute to his secretary’s retirement gift. He wanted to give her something but felt like he had missed the opportunity. I told him that I would be happy to embroider something for him to give to her. But he was a little perplexed because he didn’t know what she would like and thought it might be too personal.

Then yesterday (the day of the party) at about five hours prior to the beginning of the party, he asked me if I could monogram her one of those straw hats. This last minute request provided great negotiating ammo for me. I told him that I would gladly make his hat but I would need to run to Walmart to pick up the hat, therefore he would need to pick up the kids and take them swimming while I stitched out the hat. The deal was made.

So I quickly headed over to Walmart to pick up the hat, but let me advise – if you are JUST NOW deciding to make your monogrammed straw hat for the summer – you better RUN to Walmart. School supplies are already out and straw hats are dwindling. Fortunately I found one, brought it home and stitched out Beverly’s monogram on the brim.

The beautiful thing about this situation was that I was able to get a run in on my treadmill without the kids around while my machine was stitching out the monogram. I know, I know, that breaks my rule about staying with the machine while it is stitching out a design but sometimes you just got to do what you need to do.

The hat turned out great and Richard reported that she absolutely loved it.

I think I may be done making monogrammed hats for the summer.

If you’re interested in a how-to on embroidering on a straw hat, you can check out my tutorial on this blog.

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