More embroidery requests from my husband. I’m kind of loving this.

By on January 13th, 2014
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embroidery on a scarf
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I guess all of the fabrication of embroidered Christmas gifts that I have been putting together for my family and friends must have rubbed off on my husband because a week or so before Christmas he sent me an email containing a link to a very attractive and a bit pricey scarf from Johnson & Murphy soliciting my opinion on whether it could me monogrammed for his two guy friends: Alex and Ryan. Wait – are you asking me to embroider something for you?

Apparently he was, and I’m happy to do it. Again – more justification for the time I spend in my sewing room. But embroidering on a sweater-like materials is always a bit tricky and gives me a bit of pause, especially when the scarves are as expensive as these were.

But all went well in the embroidery process. I ironed on a leave-in stabilizer and stuck it to an adhesive back hooped piece of stabilizer. For the thread I used a cotton embroidery thread to ensure that it would stand out on the knit fabric.

Fortunately both guys really seemed to like their scarves. It’s the least I can do to facilitate my husband’s gift giving – while giving me another reason to spend more time in my sewing room.

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