New embroidery typefaces to digitize… but which one to choose?

By on September 28th, 2013
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Dear sweet, loyal, fantastic readers… (like how I am buttering you up already??)   I need a little bit of help.  You see, I am trying to figure out which typeface to digitize first and offer on my Etsy store.  But before I invest the time into digitizing one – I thought I would see which typeface you all liked best.

I have recently struck up a relationship with a typeface designer (Kimberly Geswein) whose types I admire.  We have worked out a licensing agreement which will allow me to digitize her typefaces and sell them in different sizes on my Etsy store.   This is fantastic because her typefaces are super awesome.  The problem?  Where to begin.

So the favor I am asking of you, dear, sweet, readers, is to please vote on which typeface you would like to see digitized first!  Here are my nine favorites.  What do you all think?  Please comment and let me know your favorite and that will be the one I digitize first.   Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

8 thoughts on “New embroidery typefaces to digitize… but which one to choose?

  1. I like Hazel Eyes, Quirky Girl, and Drops of Jupiter best. Not that that is an answer! But it narrows it down a little?

  2. Architect’s daughter please.

  3. Hazel Eyes, Drops of Jupiter, Janda Stylish Script are all nice.

  4. I like Drops of Jupiter the best.


  6. Janda Script!

  7. […] I monogrammed it with a turquoise J in a stylish script. The typeface I used is actually one of Kimberly Geswein’s fonts that I have been loving lately (Janda Stylish […]

  8. I really like all of your choices, but Architect’s Daughter is my first favorite. I think it would work nicely for both boys and girls. So that’s my choice. Hope it wins. Wish I could learn to digitize!

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