New filled versions of the rodeo horse applique and embroidery design

By on October 26th, 2013
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One of my most popular designs on my Etsy store is my rodeo guy on horse that was inspired by the iconic character on Wyoming’s license plate. I made this design as a triple stitch applique design because of all of the jaggedy edges. The satin stitch works fine at a larger size but once it gets smaller the satin stitch is too thick to accurately reflect the shape.

Recently, however, I received a request for this design as a filled embroidery design. Why it didn’t occur to me to make this a filled design…. I have no idea.   So – I went ahead and did it – and stiched it out as a little test.

Here are five suggestions as to where you could stitch out this design.

1) a mens tie (maybe with some initials?)
2) on the breast of a polo shirt
3) a wallet
4) a lunch box (with a name)
5) a detail on a quilt

Or maybe you have better ideas?  Hopefully now that I have the filled versions integrated into my offerings on my Etsy listing, the customer will purchase it and let me know how she is using it.

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