New personalized, extra-large lunchbox with a fun new embroidery typeface

By on October 7th, 2013
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My daughter, Ilse’s, former lunchbox is no longer functional. After shoving too many Lunchables into a small-ish lunch tote – the zipper finally gave way.  For the past two weeks she has been carting the “backup lunch box” to school, and she reminds me about this every, single day.  I had been promising her we would get her a lunch box and stitch her name on it, but only finally got around to doing so this weekend.

The problem with needing a new lunch box a few weeks after school has started is that lunch box availability is quite slim.  Target, Walmart and even Marshalls (where we had such great luck with backpacks) were completely picked over.  Ready to concede at Marshalls and just purchase my father-in-law’s gift items, we noticed some more adult-sized lunch totes around the checkout area – one of which suited Ilse perfectly.

Ilse picked out a pink neoprene lunch tote that is designed to hold a couple of tupperware containers and a six-pack.  Ok – I’m exaggerating a bit – but it’s pretty huge.  Ilse even suggested that I pack a whole week’s worth of lunches in her new lunch tote and she would just take them out day by day.  Interesting idea but by Friday I am sure lunch would not be looking that good.

For Ilse’s name on the tote – I decided to try out digitizing part of one of Kimberly Geswein’s typefaces (this one is not one of the ones I posted on the blog a few days ago). The name stitched out pretty nicely – however the typeface needs some modifications in the embroidery software.  After stitching the name out on the lunch tote, I noticed that on the “e” the dots on the letter end points were behind the letter shape. Clearly, if I would digitize the entire alphabet, it would take some customization in my digitizing software to make each letter look perfect.  But stitching on neoprene is pretty dreamy as I learned when I made my lunch tote a few months ago.

Fortunately – Ilse loves her new lunch tote and for $6.99 – I think we have a winner.

Please let me know what you think about the typeface – I am tempted to license this particular one from Kimberly and digitize the whole alphabet.

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