Peace dove machine appliqué design

By on March 11th, 2013
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I am beginning to notice themes emerging around the objects that I choose to digitize (large peace sign, i love you, etc…). One of these themes is most definitely peace and love.

My little girls love anything with peace signs, and, well, me being a Berkeley gal, it all just kind of makes sense. The latest design I digitized that fits squarely in the peace and love category is the peace dove appliqué.

I created this appliqué with an eye towards stitching it in some groovy retro looking fabric on a t-shirt for one if my girls. Tonight, however I just test stitched it out and it looks pretty stinking cute.

The next step will definitely be to execute my original plan, and I will follow up with pictures when I do.

A couple of side notes. 1) I am suddenly grateful to have kept around some of my husband’s old t-shirts as t-shirt scraps make good appliqué pieces. 2) it appears as if the stitch density is not quite high enough on the leaves. I need to double check that the desire is set for .4. 3) I actually did a bit if stitch editing in this design. Underneath the appliqué I did not want a heavy satin stitch, so I deleted some stitches that fell into the overlapping area. Pretty impressed with myself on that last one – editing stitches now – I’ve come a long way, ha!

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store

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