Playing card icon machine embroidery and appliqué designs

By on November 4th, 2013
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playing card appliqué and embroidery designs
free machine embroidery designs

I have to admit, my sister’s latest digitizing request was actually a good one.  You see, she was making a ridiculously ornate Alice (from Alice and Wonderland) dress for my niece for Halloween and she wanted to have the playing card icons appliquéd on the front of the apron in the costume. But her issue? She needed the playing card symbols digitized. Because it didn’t take me that long (and she was loaning me a lab coat for my daughter and her friend’s Halloween costume) – I happily obliged.

My niece’s costume turned out great – but what was of greater interest to me were the icons themselves.  I can see these designs looking really cool on a table cloth or a pillow in a game room. So I spent a little extra time cleaning them up, testing them out an making a set of smaller, filled embroidery designs.

We will see if anyone else – besides my sister – gets excited about these designs.  That was certainly case with the last thing she asked me to digitize (the bull). So we will see!

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