Polkadot dress with embroidered name in cool script typeface + favorite unusual color combinations

By on December 15th, 2013
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embroidered dress with name
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Embroidery project number 2 for the cousin gift exchange is for my cousin’s daughter, Harper. This project represented my other motivation for going back to the Oshkosh outlet when I returned to St. Louis after my weekend jaunt down to the Florida outlet malls.

When I was in Florida, I purchased two of these darling polkadot dresses for my girls.  But, after bringing them home and thinking about it a bit, I realized that this specific dress would be a great gift for my cousin’s daughter whose name I drew in the family gift exchange.

The twist with this project was that my cousin is actually a very active machine embroiderer. In fact she’s WAAAAYYY better than me. So when I decided to stitch out her daughter’s name on the dress, I was really nervous, because a) I had my doubts as to whether she would appreciate the gift since she could do it herself, and b) I knew she would be able to detect every single flaw.

Oh well –  I decided to go for it anyway.

The other question was the color to use for the name.  The dress has a very high-contrast color combination so I was unsure of what color would stand out. My sister (who better have my embroidery machine back in place and in good condition when I return home from my trip tomorrow) gave me the idea for the lime green.

When my sister came over to pick up my embroidery machine to use while I was gone this past week – I showed her my Oshkosh look and we got to discussing some of our favorite unusual color combinations.  Maybe these will give you some fresh ideas for the holiday gifts you have left to make.

1) navy and lime green – her idea
2) pink an orange – always a favorite for me.  I love it especially with this retro flower design.
3) red and turquoise – see the skirt that I just made for my daughter in these colors.

Ok – I promise – I am almost done yapping about the Oshkosh outlet and the clothes I embroidered from there… I have just one more project to share next week.  (And Oshkosh is not even paying me – ha!)

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