Puzzle piece embroidery design for autism awareness

By on October 22nd, 2013
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puzzle piece embroidery design
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The design that sells most frequently on my Etsy store (especially in the month of October – since it’s breast cancer awareness month) is the simple pink ribbon embroidery design that I initially made for my cleaning lady, Carol. I had no idea that this would become such a hit on my Etsy store – I was just trying to do something nice for Carol and have something to talk about on my blog.

Once I started selling this design almost every day, I started racking my brain for other awareness symbols that I could digitize and sell on my Etsy store. The problem is that most of the awareness symbols are also ribbons… so you could use that pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and stitch it out in any color you want to support a wide range of causes. For example, the Alzheimers awareness groups wear purple ribbons to support their cause.

One group that has a different awareness symbol is autism awareness. It seems that they either wear a ribbon that is filled with puzzle pieces, or a simple puzzle piece.  Apparently the puzzle piece symbolized that autism is still a puzzle. The puzzle piece also alludes to childhood which is when autism is typically initially diagnosed.

This is a simple and versatile design, like the ribbon, and will hopefully also be of use to many.  Okay – I realize that autism awareness month is not until April, but I’m planning ahead.

Interested in this design – check it out the puzzle piece design on my Etsy store!

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