Rainbow peace sign machine embroidery design

By on July 30th, 2013
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peace sign embroidery design
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A couple of years ago I made cute rainbow peace sign t-shirts for my little girls with a design I digitized myself.  I mean my girls LOVED peace signs, and they LOVED rainbows… so a rainbow peace sign was the perfect design for them. My little one is still actually wearing one of these t-shirts.

But the rainbow peace sign design had flaws.  There were some gaps between the colors in the rainbow that I had always intended to go back and fix. Finally – this weekend I got around to fixing this design. I carefully adjusted each shape in my digitizing software so that each piece slightly overlapped the adjacent pieces to help prevent gaps within the shape.

The process of completing this design took several round of test stitching but I think I have it looking pretty good.   I posted the rainbow peace sign on my Etsy store (as a special $1 item).  Inspired by my new peace sign on the Etsy store – I thought I would give my other peace sign appliqué designs a bit more exposure, so I put them on sale for $1 as well.

I hope someone needs a peace sign design!

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