Skier appliqué shirt for my nephew, Wilson

By on October 21st, 2013
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Sometimes the projects I make turn out like crap – but occasionally I make something and I just FREAKING HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK. Today was one of those day – despite the fact that it wasn’t looking like that initially.

Let me explain.  My nephew turned nine today.  But at this time last night I had no idea what I was going to give him. I wanted to make him something, however nine is a tricky age. Anything I made him couldn’t be too cutesy because after all –  he’s nine.  Whatever I made had to be cool.

I got the idea to appliqué a thermal shirt with the silhouette of a skier mid jump. It seemed appropriate because skiing is something we like to do together and my little nephew, Wilson, is a total hotdog.

So I digitized the silhouette of a skier in the triple stitch style of the bucking horse appliqué I made a while back, and I stitched it out with a knit appliqué fabric, trimming the shape and leaving the edges raw.

The stitching went fine – but unfortunately after I was done I noticed the appliqué looked off-center. I considered trashing the whole shirt.  Then I recalled what one of my Facebook embroidery friends had said a while back… “almost anything can be fixed.”

I got the idea that I could balance  the off-centered design by adding Wilson’s initials down the side of the skier. So I put the shirt back on the hoop and started stitching.

It turned out PERFECTLY!!!  In fact Wilson loved it so much he ran in to show his family the shirt after he opened the gift, and by the end of the night he was modeling the shirt. Success.

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