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Abstract flower embroidery design inspired by my sister-in-law’s skirt is new and improved

Abstract flower design based on my sister-in-law's skirt
Abstract flower design based on my sister-in-law’s skirt

You might recall a few months ago when I digitized an abstract flower based on a design in my sister-in-law’s dress. I personally think this is a really cool design, but after stitching out my first attempt, I knew it was not ready for prime time.

The problem with this design was that I didn’t digitize it very strategically. The order in which items were stitched out and the starting points for stitching of each piece were completely random. There was a connector string between each of the thirty-six elements in the wreath – for God’s sake! This made for tons of clipping tiny connector strings.  Very time consuming!

This week I finally got around to making some edits to the file.  Now the order of stitching is much more strategic, hiding most of the connector strings under runs of satin stitching. To be sure – I stitched out the revised design, and oh-my-Lord what a difference it makes!

Now that I’m feeling good about this design, I listed it in two sizes on my Etsy store so that you all can enjoy it as well. I can envision this design being stitched out in bright colors around the hem of a black skirt and looking super cute.  (If you give this a try – I would love to see a picture. hint, hint) My plan for this design is to use it as a decorative element on the bottom of a skirt – but in a solid color that will bring out a color in the skirt fabric.  I actually have a pretty solid plan in mind… but I will save the reveal for a future post.   (I know, I know… you can hardly stand it.  ha)

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Abstract flower machine embroidery design inspired by my sister-in-law’s dress

Lily's cute dress

A couple of years ago I admired my sister-in-law’s dress and thought it would be really cool to try to digitize some of the shapes that are embroidered on the bottom of her dress. Well – my skill are now finally up-to-par to take on the challenge.

I scanned her dress and have had the image on my desktop now for quite a while. I trimmed out a sample of the image and then imported into my Artista software.

It was actually pretty easy to digitize. I used the block digitizing tools to create the petal, then the wreath tool to copy it around the center axis, and then finally the oval tool to make all the circles. Pretty simple.

It stitched out fine – but I made two modifications after I saw the first draft of the stitching. 1) I changed the stitch density to .4. (My software defaults to .45 – don’t know why). I also created a running stitch underneath the larger center circle. This – I figure will keep the fabric from puckering.

Hope you all like it!