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The “I” appliqué initial letter dress

A few months ago I impressed myself by pulling together a sweet little personalized initial dress for our neighbor who was turning two. I made the dress by stitching her initial on a t-shirt and adding a colorful striped fabric for the skirt portion of the dress. It was a hit and several more of these dresses followed shortly afterwards. (Seriously – I think I made about five more of these dresses for all the nieces for Christmas.)

My daughter, Ilse, fell in love with this print fabric that I purchased at the Fabric Nosherie and requested that I make her a dress out of this fabric. The fabric pattern is called Zoology by Michael Miller and it can be purchased from various sources on-line.

Ilse is bananas for this dress. I am not kidding – every time it comes out of the laundry it goes back on her body. Now that I have digitized all the letter outlines – the whole process of making this dress goes a lot quicker!

The applique initial "I" dress - it's a favorite!
The applique initial “I” dress – it’s a favorite!
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Super Cute Applique Letter T-shirt Dresses

20130102-085532.jpgThe appliqué t-shirt letter project was not just for the boys. Back in October, I found myself in need of a birthday gift for my friend’s two-year-old daughter. So i scoured my sewing room and found a little pink t-shirt and yards of whimsical striped cotton fabric that I inherited from my sister-in-law who decided not to use it for one of her projects.

I created a pattern for the letter “M” by printing it out at a large scale. I then pinned the M to a scrap of white t-shirt fabric that I had ironed on to some Heat’n Bond Iron on Adhesive. I peeled off the backing on the letter and stuck it to the t-shirt. I then slowly stitched the letter onto the t-shirt.

To complete the dress I simply sewed on the gathered skirt to the bottom of the t-shirt. Looks pretty cute, huh? The most satisfying part of the project was that it was made completely from remnants in my sewing room. For Christmas, I made 5 more of these dresses for friends and nieces and 2 more for birthday gifts.