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Cupcake machine embroidery design – perfect for a birthday girl!

Cupcake Machine Embroidery Design
Cupcake Machine Embroidery Design

When I think of cupcakes, I think of Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids when she elaborately decorates a cupcake for her pity party of one then proceeds to devour it. I was captivated by the scene because it was a) something I would never do – the baking part – not the eating part, and b) it provided such insight into her character, her emotional state and her passion.

While we once associated cupcakes with birthdays and special occasions, they are now becoming more commonplace, having recently soared in popularity.  Exclusive cupcake bakeries have opened up and garnered celebrity fans like Katie Holmes, who loves cupcakes so much that she recently had them delivered to the movie set.

Despite newly acquired status as the hip new dessert – cupcakes are still associated with birthdays – which is why this new design is so versatile.  Put it on t-shirts, napkins, aprons, whatever… Make something for the birthday girl or use it on party favors for the attendees.

I initially digitized this design for my girls back in January and stitched it out on a “birthday girl” headband for them to wear on their big days. I recently returned to the design and made some improvements to the file so that I could add it to the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.  Since it’s a new item – I am offering the cupcake machine embroidery design for $1 this week only!

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The machine embroidered “birthday girl” headband

2013-01-09 21.52.43-1Today my daughter turned nine and I was very late in getting her to school because I could let her birthday go by without completing the “birthday girl” headband. So I was in my sewing room at 8:00 this morning frantically finishing it up.

The resulting headband was not perfect. It should have been a bit wider to accommodate the “birthday girl” design, but for the most part, I think she looked pretty stinking cute!

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Cupcake and Birthday Girl Machine Embroidery Design

I was inspired to make a headband for my girls on their upcoming birthday.  This presented a great opportunity to do some digitizing as well as embroider on knits.   I think the digitizing went pretty well but I still don’t have the technique down for embroidering on knits.

I simply cut out a large piece of cut-away fusible cut-away stabilizer, fused it to the t-shirt fabric and hooped both the t-shirt and the stabilizer.  I experienced a bit of puckering.  I think that I should have used another layer of stabilizer.

(I found a great message board re: embroidery on knits).
I will post the resulting headband once I am finished… too tired tonight.  But here is the design stitched out.

2013-01-09 21.52.43-1