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It’s inspiration Sunday – and I’m inspired the headbands my kids made at sewing camp!


Last week my two girls went to a sewing class at Jackman’s Fabric in St. Louis. I don’t often write  about Jackman’s because I don’t go there that often – it’s a bit out of the way for me.  Also, they are a Babylock dealer – not Bernina  (and I own two Berninas), so I can’t go to them when I have issues with my machines. Anyway – Jackman’s is a great fabric store and I have been going there for years. But, what really impressed me about them lately, is their sewing classes they offer for kids.

Sending the girls to sewing class was kind of a last minute decision. My sister had signed up her 10-year-old daughter for the class, and my two girls just happened to be available. The only issue was that the class was for 8-12 year-olds and my little one (Ilse) is only 7-1/2. So… we had to stretch the truth a bit to get her in. (Sorry Jackman’s)

The title of the class was “Pajama Pants,” and the objective was for each kid to make a pair of pajama pants after the 2 day, 2 1/2 hour sessions. But after the first day – both my girls had nearly completed their pants! Impressive.

On the second day the girls got to do a couple of extra side projects. Adelaide (my older daughter) made a little bag, and my niece made a super cute headband. The headband is made with a small piece of cotton fabric doubled over and secured with a piece of elastic. The great part about this design is that it can be easily embroidered prior to construction (as opposed to the pre-made knit headbands – which I find to be a huge pain in the ass to embroider). I also think this style has a more high-end look.

So the girls and I now have plans to make some headbands embroidered with some cute designs and names.  Once we get to it, I will be sure to post our finished products and a template to help you make the headbands too.