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Free fabric scraps at this funky Chicago fabric store: The Needle Shop!

The Needle Shop - Chicago, IL
The Needle Shop – Chicago, IL

Anyone who does appliqué knows the value of a scrap. A small piece of fabric is all you need to make a big impact.  But if you rely on using scraps from your own projects AND you do a lot of appliqué… you start to run out of fresh options. So when I walked into The Needle Shop in Chicago and saw a large bin of free scraps, I got pretty excited!

What a fabulous concept! I have never seen such an offer in any fabric store, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. After rooting through the scrap bin for a good 10 minutes, and feeling very grateful for my finds, I WANTED to find something to purchase from this totally awesome store. And this was not a problem.

The Needle Shop has tons of modem (primarily) cotton printed fabrics and many examples of garments made from their stock to provide lots of inspiration. I didn’t even go near their trims for fear that it would be just too tempting (and I haven’t done ANYTHING yet with my $40 trim purchase from Geneva.)

Don’t know how to sew? Not a problem – The Needle Shop also offers an assortment of sewing classes and from the looks of it – it’s not your grandma’s sewing school.

So if you find yourself in Chicago – make sure you drop by and help yourself to the free scraps. Just save a few for me!

Learn more about The Needle Shop, Chicago

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How the most awesome fabric store, Citycraft, in Dallas, saved me from missing my flight.

Citycraft Independent Fabric Store in Dallas, Texas
Citycraft, an independent fabric store in Dallas, Texas

I have been working in Frisco, Texas the past two days. Prior to my trip, I discovered a really interesting looking fabric store in Dallas, called Citycraft. Due to my work schedule the only time I had to get to the store was this afternoon prior to catching my flight back to St. Louis, and I didn’t have a lot of time.

When I was finally ready to leave for the airport via Citycraft I checked its location once again on my phone.  But here was the weird thing.  The last time I had checked I recalled Citycraft being close to the airport.  Now my phone was saying it was about 20 miles out of my way.  Was it worth making the trip?

I decided to go for it… with the mantra: “I will not miss my flight for a fabric store, I will not miss my flight for my fabric store…. I will only spend 10 minutes in the fabric store…” running through my head.  Then I noticed the highway I was driving on looked very similar to the one I had taken from the airport.  Was Citycraft actually near the airport as I had originally suspected?

Ummmm…. yeah.  I had completely forgotten that I had flown in to (and supposed to fly out of) Dallas LOVE airport and not Dallas Fort Worth Airport.  Had I chosen to forgo fabric shopping at Citycraft I would have been at DFW and most likely missing my flight.  How serendipitous! And yet how completely STUPID of me.  I guess I get really excited and distracted when it comes to fabric.

So when I made it to Citycraft I actually had a few minutes to browse and OMG OMG OMG!!! They have such beautiful fabric.  I discovered a fabric designer called Kokka – which is awesome.  You’ll be seeing much more Citycraft fabric soon on the blog as I nearly bought out the store.

If you make it to Dallas, you must go to Citycraft.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the #1 attraction in “the big D.”  In the meantime – check out their web site:

Gorgeous fabric at Citycraft - Dallas
Gorgeous fabric at Citycraft – Dallas
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Fantastic fabric store in Madison, Wisconsin: Sewcial

Hello from Madison, Wisconsin. Here’s the great thing about your husband working in Madison for the day and being left with all the kids: dragging them to the fabric store. If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I love to check out cool independent fabric stores when I travel to different cities. And in Madison, there is a really great one: Sewcial.

Sewcial: independent fabric store in Madison, Wisconsin
Sewcial: independent fabric store in Madison, Wisconsin

Sewcial reminds me a lot of the Fabric Nosherie in St. Louis as they have a lot of retro cotton print fabrics and focus primarily on quilting. Owner, Sarah teaches sewing lessons of all types in the back of the store.

Sarah is lovely and so is the store, so when in Madison – definitely check it out.

Oh and I indulged in a bit of Chevron print fabric. I have no idea what I will be using it for, but I could not resist.

Thanks, Sarah of Sewcial and all the best to you!!!

My daughter, Ilse, explains her vision for her next outfit.
My daughter, Ilse, explains her vision for her next outfit.
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Independent fabric store in Stowe, Vermont

Hello from Stowe, Vermont! We are enjoying some late season skiing and a family Easter gathering at our vacation home in Vermont.

Stowe is a great little ski town that has an eclectic collection of shops and restaurants. Although I have been coming up to Stowe for over 10 years, I never checked out the independent fabric store in town, Stowe Fabric and Yarn.

So I finally stopped in yesterday to see what they had to offer. Stowe Fabric and Yarn is a small store filled with primarily traditional quilting cottons – with not much in the way of mod prints. There are also quite a few finished handmade goods in the store for sale. I wish I could tell you the name of the artist, but it has escaped me.

I found the yarn collection to be more inspiring than the fabric, but not being a knitter…it doesn’t help me out. If I ever do want to become a knitter, though, the shop owner offers free knitting lessons on Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 pm.


Stowe Fabric and Yarn in Stowe, Vermont - an independent fabric store
Stowe Fabric and Yarn in Stowe, Vermont – an independent fabric store
Inside of Stowe Fabric and Yarn
Inside of Stowe Fabric and Yarn