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A retro cool fleece hat for a groovy lady

I am interested in embroidering using different typefaces that give a different character to a garment. So when my cleaning lady, Carol, who I adore, complimented me on the hats I was embroidering for my daughter’s party. I thought it would be a good opportunity to execute the same project as before but with a different look and feel.

I found the black fleece hat at, once again, my favorite source for cute, inexpensive items to embroider, Old Navy, for approximately $2. I wanted the hat to have a retro hipster feel, so I decided to embroider Carol’s name, (Carol told me explicitly that she wanted her name on the hat and not a monogram), with a groovy typeface I found, called Velocette, which reminds me of the old school Cadillac logo.

With Carol’s name stitched out in red on the hat in the velocette font and u think @niasion Accomplishe.” While I think the hat looks super cool, but most Importantly, it keeps Carol’s closely shorn head warm.

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A personalized, machine embroidered fleece

One of the great things about the month of January is the major clearance sales going on at so many stores. It’s a great time to stock up on items that can be embroidered for gifts throughout the year.

An easy, inexpensive gift that kids tend to like is an embroidered fleece sweatshirt. Check out the back of any Old Navy at this time of year and there are oodles to be had for less than $5.

Last year I personalized a fleece sweatshirt for my daughter’s friend, Juliette, wrapped it and gave it to her, only to realize a year later when I saw her wearing it around the playground that I had embroidered the name, Juliette with three Ts. What a moron I am! So to make things right I am stitching up a new fleece for ms. Juju with only 2 Ts.

One of the added benefits of giving a gift of a personalized fleece is the joy it brings me to see kids running around on the playground wearing a garment I personalized for them.2013-02-05 22.41.20 2013-02-05 22.40.39

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Embroidery project on fleece hats…the perfect party favor for a skating party

Tonight at 5:00 I was frantically running into an Old Navy in a neighborhood I don’t often frequent to purchase a girl’s fleece hat that was on clearance for $1.99. You see, a few days ago I bought out all of the same fleece hats at my local Old Navy to personalize and give away as party favors at my daughter’s 9th birthday party and realized only a few hours before the party that I had forgotten one kid.

Fortunately, embroidering on fleece is pretty dreamy and with my new discovery of sticky-back stabilizer, embroidering names on 15 hats went rather quickly. In short, I used a regular needle, sticky-back stabilizer and sulky on top and got great results.

One thing unique that I did was I searched the Internet for fonts and found one reminiscent of the old Frosty the Snowman titling. I installed it on my computer and then was able to render out text with this typefaces an embroidery file.

I considered digitizing some snowflakes to embroider on the hat but since the ones I found already had a pattern on them, I opted to just embroider named.

The girls loves the hats. In fact my two crazy girls are sleeping in them right now. And the rest of the girls seed to be generally enthused about the hats as well.

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