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Addendum to yesterday’s post about the Walmart 2014 Christmas dress…

Personalized applique dress
Personalized applique dress

A quick follow up from yesterday’s post. I have to share one more picture.  This is the same design that I showed yesterday on a new dress.  I cranked this out for a birthday gift… (party’s tonight).  Once again the $6.49 Walmart dress scores.  Hope she likes it!

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The Walmart Christmas personalized applique dress – check out the 2014 edition

personalized dress
The 2014 Walmart dress


Okay so don’t hate me – but this weekend I started wrapping Christmas presents. And I am soooooo happy to have made headway on my Christmas shopping / making.  But, one of the reasons why I have been able to get so many presents wrapped is because I am basically re-creating a well received gift that I made last year.

I know from all my embroidery/applique Facebook groups that many of my embroidery sisters have discovered the adorable cotton tunics that Walmart has been selling for girls. Last year they sold a nautical striped tunic with three-quarter sleeves that was absolutely divine. Both my sister and I bought a ton of them and personalized them for all the little girls in our lives.

walmart-dressThis year the styles Walmart is selling are slightly different, but just as cute. They are still made of cotton stretch fabric in cute prints, however this year the dresses have empire or drop waists and have a seam in the middle. Of the styles they are selling, I especially liked the navy polkadot version. In fact, as soon as I saw it, I snapped up six of them for $6.49 each. And to personalize them, I came up with a new appliqué design, a single initial monogram design that is cute on kids and looks more modern than a formal monogram. It also allows for the dress to potentially be handed down.

After after personalizing all six dresses, I took them with me to the Children’s Place Outlet and picked up coordinating leggings for the dresses and, Voila! I had six gifts done. I do love this letter appliqué design so much that I plan to digitize every letter in the alphabet, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Stay tuned. But last year’s initial flower appliqué design which would look FAB on this this year’s Walmart dresses is available in my Etsy store.

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Polkadot dress with embroidered name in cool script typeface + favorite unusual color combinations

2013-12-09 12.38.52

Embroidery project number 2 for the cousin gift exchange is for my cousin’s daughter, Harper. This project represented my other motivation for going back to the Oshkosh outlet when I returned to St. Louis after my weekend jaunt down to the Florida outlet malls.

When I was in Florida, I purchased two of these darling polkadot dresses for my girls.  But, after bringing them home and thinking about it a bit, I realized that this specific dress would be a great gift for my cousin’s daughter whose name I drew in the family gift exchange.

The twist with this project was that my cousin is actually a very active machine embroiderer. In fact she’s WAAAAYYY better than me. So when I decided to stitch out her daughter’s name on the dress, I was really nervous, because a) I had my doubts as to whether she would appreciate the gift since she could do it herself, and b) I knew she would be able to detect every single flaw.

Oh well –  I decided to go for it anyway.

The other question was the color to use for the name.  The dress has a very high-contrast color combination so I was unsure of what color would stand out. My sister (who better have my embroidery machine back in place and in good condition when I return home from my trip tomorrow) gave me the idea for the lime green.

When my sister came over to pick up my embroidery machine to use while I was gone this past week – I showed her my Oshkosh look and we got to discussing some of our favorite unusual color combinations.  Maybe these will give you some fresh ideas for the holiday gifts you have left to make.

1) navy and lime green – her idea
2) pink an orange – always a favorite for me.  I love it especially with this retro flower design.
3) red and turquoise – see the skirt that I just made for my daughter in these colors.

Ok – I promise – I am almost done yapping about the Oshkosh outlet and the clothes I embroidered from there… I have just one more project to share next week.  (And Oshkosh is not even paying me – ha!)

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The Walmart tunic I bought this summer are making fantastic personalized Christmas gifts.


This summer my sister and I discovered these great little nautical inspired tunics for little girls at Walmart… priced at the ridiculously low price of $6.49. Between the two of us we just about cleared out Walmart’s entire stock of them in the St. Louis area. My intention was to personalize them for birthday gifts – but other ideas have taken precedence with birthday parties have rolled around, so since this summer, my stash of nautical tunics has just sat. But guess what, now that Santa’s workshop is in full swing – I’m finally getting through most of them.

I had thought that maybe I would try out different designs on the tunics but I just really like the way that the personalized flower looks on this dress. So I am just going with it for a few of my favorite little girls on my list and gifting them with coordinating leggings.

Of course – my two little girls will be getting these for Christmas, one of my nieces and the two daughters of my friend, Alix. Alix has two lovely little chicas who seemed to really like the personalized dresses that I made for them last year. Here’s hoping they like this year’s gift as much as last year.

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The “I” appliqué initial letter dress

A few months ago I impressed myself by pulling together a sweet little personalized initial dress for our neighbor who was turning two. I made the dress by stitching her initial on a t-shirt and adding a colorful striped fabric for the skirt portion of the dress. It was a hit and several more of these dresses followed shortly afterwards. (Seriously – I think I made about five more of these dresses for all the nieces for Christmas.)

My daughter, Ilse, fell in love with this print fabric that I purchased at the Fabric Nosherie and requested that I make her a dress out of this fabric. The fabric pattern is called Zoology by Michael Miller and it can be purchased from various sources on-line.

Ilse is bananas for this dress. I am not kidding – every time it comes out of the laundry it goes back on her body. Now that I have digitized all the letter outlines – the whole process of making this dress goes a lot quicker!

The applique initial "I" dress - it's a favorite!
The applique initial “I” dress – it’s a favorite!