The birthday number with a crown – an opportunity to try out my own version.

By on September 22nd, 2013
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You may be noticing a trend here with my posts. It seems like every other post is about a birthday party gift. Well having three kids between 4 and 9 means that there are a lot of birthday parties to attend. So I am just trying to embrace the chaos and let the gifts be an excuse to try out something new on my embroidery machine.

The birthday party this weekend was for my 7-year-old daughter (Ilse’s) friend, Jillian who turned eight. I could have personalized a dress for Jillian like I did for Virginia last weekend, but It probably wouldn’t have suited her. As my daughter explained, “Mom, Jillian doesn’t really wear dresses.” Ok – got it.

Being that the weather is getting just the slightest bit chilly, I decided to appliqué Jillian a long sleeve t-shirt that celebrated the age she was turning. I have long admired the designs of the single digits with the crown but had not yet tried to design my own version. Here was my chance.

For Jillian, I picked out a light grey long sleeve t-shirt and found two scraps of cute prints that seemed to go nicely together. The white with the lavender dots is a scrap from my daughter’s duvet color and the lavender with white dots is the one piece of fabric I purchased from the eclectic Fabric Warehouse on the Easter Shore.

I actually like the design and how the shirt turned out. The lavender fabric in the crown was a bit tricky to work with as it was a bit thick and raveled a bit, but the design stitched out nicely. But not bad for starting to digitize at 12:15 for a party at 2. Hopefully Jillian will like it.

2 thoughts on “The birthday number with a crown – an opportunity to try out my own version.

  1. Nah – I don’t think it’s cliche. I want you to do one for me next year – 46 with a crown?? =)

    Love the design. It’s not cheesy.

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