The modern dahlia embroidery design makes it’s debut on denim

By on April 29th, 2013
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Shortly after returning home from the trip, I created the embroidery design inspired by those flowers on the bedspread. In my test stitching I simply stitched out all the petals in one color.  I think it looked great.  But now that I have so many more thread colors – I decided to modify the design so that the petals of the flower had slightly different shades.

The opportunity to stitch out this design presented itself in the form of a denim skirt for my friend, Alix.  Her birthday was in February so this is a WAY belated birthday present. Anywhooo… I stitched out two of the dahlias at different scales on a dark denim skirt (purchased off the clearance rack at Old Navy for $7).

The bright yellow and oranges of the thread stand out beautifully against the dark denim of the skirt. I think the new version of this file with the varied petal color has more depth and interest than the one that is a solid color.  But I still like them both.  I am so loving how this skirt turned out… I may not put it in the mail.  I mean the present is already 2 months late…

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store

2 thoughts on “The modern dahlia embroidery design makes it’s debut on denim

  1. love it!

    1. Dear Mrs. Henry.

      I have decided to keep the skirt.

      Sincerely, the machine embroidery geek.

      just kidding.

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