The perfect fleur for di lis machine appliqué design. Brought to you from France.

By on April 6th, 2013
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St. Louis, Missouri (where I am from) is a city with strong French heritage and very proud of it. Throughout the city, it is not uncommon to see fleur di lis designs on signage and within architectural details. As in other French settled cities like New Orleans, in St. Louis wearing a fleur di lis design is a way to show your civic pride. Having a fleur di lis design in my repertoire would be quite useful for creating gifts for my local friends and family.

In the past (before I had a bit of clue as to what I was doing, e.g. pre – I digitized a fleur di lis design to be stitched out on a scarf for one of my friends. It didn’t turn out all that well because (as I just mentioned) I had NO IDEA what I was doing. But times – they are a changin’ – and I am getting loads of experience digitizing designs.

So now it is time to digitize the fleur di lis design again. But with so many fleur di lis designs – where to I begin? Shouldn’t the direction for the fluer di lis design come directly from France?

Well – lucky me – I discovered a fleur di lis on the bottom of my coffee cup here in France. I snapped a picture and will be brining it back to the States to be converted to an embroidery design. Yes – i get it that there are tons of other fleur di lis designs out there – but I think mine will be the most legit.

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