Three cute, valentine-inspired machine embroidery designs and related projects

By on January 6th, 2013
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If I weren’t on vacation here in Florida this week, I would be digitizing up some valentine inspired designs because most of what I have seen so far is pretty tacky. Here are three cute designs that I discovered that broke the super-cheesy and inspire some simple valentines projects.

1) Let’s start with my favorite. I LOVE and aspire to digitize designs as cute as what I find on this site. Check out the new love design that was featured in the recent email. It will be coming to her site soon. This would be great on a pillow. The fabric/design combination is super fantastic.

2) I am usually not a huge fan of but I think this little heart border from would be cute on a knit headband for a young girl. (See previous post re: creating a knit headband from scratch.)

3) I am not sure why I like this design but I just do. It’s a little fussy but I think it might look cool on some placemats that might be used for a special valentines dinner. Or maybe I just appreciate the amount of time and skill it took to digitize this design. The Damask Heart Design was created by Dru and is sold via ETSY.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, why not show the love by embroidering a gift for the ones you love? And – yes – I promise to stop talking about it and start digitizing and stitching myself once I get home. Stay tuned!

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