Three reasons why you shouldn’t sew with embroidery thread

By on November 26th, 2013
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embroidery thread is different from sewing thread
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The other day I was trying to finish a skirt for my daughter (the skirt that I made from the reject dress with the funky flowers appliquéd on the front).  There was very little sewing involved in this project.  All I had to do was fold over an inch of fabric for the waistband casing and feed some elastic through.  The problem?  i didn’t have any regular red thread to match the skirt.  Ugh! So I just decided to use some red embroidery thread instead.

This got me thinking – why don’t I ever use embroidery thread for sewing. There has to be some good reasons as to why this is not a good idea and I came up with three reasons.

1) Embroidery thread and regular sewing thread are wound differently. I think there must be a reason for this.  I believe that the different types of winding effect how the thread makes its way through the machine.  If a spool of thread is wound for embroidery it probably unwinds in a way that is suitable for embroidery and not regular sewing.

2) Embroidery thread is more expensive than regular sewing thread.  Um… why waste the more costly embroidery thread for regular stitching?

3) It’s probably more noticeable.  Most of the time you want your stitching to blend into the garment you are sewing.  With the extra sheen on the embroidery thread, it’s going to be more apparent. So, again, not the best choice.

Anyway – I am curious to hear your insight.  Do you ever use embroidery thread for sewing?  If so – when and why?

One thought on “Three reasons why you shouldn’t sew with embroidery thread

  1. I use embroidery thread for decorative finishes on roll hemming on my overlocker… good effect….. find it will not hold a seam for general sewing but good for decorative stitching… 😛

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