Triple stitch appliqué design of Wyoming guy on a horse

By on March 15th, 2013
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A few weeks ago I digitized an appliqué design of the iconic Wyoming symbol of the man riding a horse. The shape itself is fairly complex with a lot of indentations around the edges. So I was not pleased with the way the stitching around the edges was coming out when stitched out as a traditional appliqué satin stitch.

So I digitized the design again, this time as a triple stitch appliqué. This appliqué is designed to have some raw edges outside of the stitching line. The ideal fabrics for this type of appliqué are lightweight knits as there is no concern with knits about fraying around the edges.

As with the applique triple stitch letters I digitized a couple of days ago, there are two layers of stitching. The first layer of stitching is intended to be a placement line for the appliqué fabric. The second layer of stitching is the decorative triple stitch. Because the edges of the applique shape are exposed in this design, it does not need to be trimmed in the middle of the application process. So after all of the stitching is done, you just need to simply take the piece off the hoop and trim very carefully around the edges to leave approximately 1/16 of an inch of fabric beyond the stitching line.

I am loving how this turned out.  The only caveat is that it’s kind of a large design, and a little boy’s t-shirt is not such a large space.  I sewed over the outer edges of the t-shirt twice.  Duh.  It helps in these situations to SLOW the machine down so that you can push fabric out of the way if it starts to pull in the excess.

Would love to hear what you think!

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store

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