What not to do when monogramming a belt for your husband

By on July 28th, 2013
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Today is my husband (Richard’s) birthday and I am on my way out the door to celebrate. We just had the birthday scavenger hunt where we showered him with gifts. For the most part I gave him clothes – It’s kind of a no brainer since Richard absolutely never shops.

So yesterday we went shopping and I picked out some clothes for him. As I was checking out at Banana Republic I saw a simple, preppy belt that was two shades of blue. It was just begging to be monogrammed. But I had never tried monogramming a belt, so I was a little scared. But, since I hadn’t made him any other gift, I decided to go for it.

My first attempt did not actually go that well. The belt was super thick, and since I embroidered with a thicker cotton embroidery thread… let’s just say it got a little hung up. I ended up with a huge birds nest that I had to tear out. Fortunately, I did not destroy the belt and was able to start again.

My second attempt went much better. I actually thought Richard might like it. And when he opened it – he did! Then he put the belt on and the monogram was upside down! Apparently guys only wear belts going a certain way and I had put the monogram on the wrong way. Richard said he would wear it upside down but – ugh – I may have to do it again.

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