Who knew you could monogram your rain boots?

By on October 12th, 2013
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monogrammed rain boots
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I have been participating in the Facebook embroidery and appliqué groups a lot this week due to some questions that arose, e.g. why my PES file was not loading, etc… One of the benefits to spending so much time on these boards is that you get to see what everyone is making. Many of the people that are on the boards do machine embroidery and appliqué professionally, so they are making items that their customers request. When these members post their work on the boards you definitely get the sense for what is trendy and occasionally you see something you have never seen before.

Case in point – the other day – someone remarked that “it’s been raining so much, I had to monogram my rain boots and showed us all a picture.”  What??? Who knew you could even do that?

Then I searched in Etsy and discovered that many of the Etsy stores carry monogrammed rain boots and their prices range for $59 – $100 per pair.  Since it appears that wholesale rain boots can be had for $25 or less, this embroidered product seems like one with great margin potential.

My concern when i first saw these was how the heck you get the boots on the hoop?  My assumption is that these boots must have to have a zipper on the inside so that they can lay flat on the hoop.  There has to be a good way to embroider these boots otherwise every wouldn’t be selling them.

Here’s what I am thinking. Much like the monogrammed straw hats of this summer, these monogrammed rain boots could be another seasonal go to gift.  And since I don’t actually own a pair of rain boots – I have the perfect pair on which I could get started.

2 thoughts on “Who knew you could monogram your rain boots?

  1. I am to wondering about this.. Also best place to buy them wholesale?

    1. I have been asking around – but I found these you could order in bulk. http://www.alltimetrading.com/Wholesale-Bulk-Ladies-Solid-Color-Rainboot/p-82484

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