Why won’t the PES file that I created open on my customer’s embroidery machine?

By on October 9th, 2013
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Since I started digitizing I have gotten no complaints regarding any of the files I created. But if I had – I figured I would simply refund the customer’s money or figure out the solution to make it right.  I just had my first experience in trying to make it right for the customer.

Yesterday I received an email from a customer who purchased my tarantula embroidery file. Initially I had just set up the tarantula design to work in a larger hoop, however this customer needed the tarantula at a size that would fit in her 4″ x 4″ hoop. I gladly obliged, and set up a smaller version of the tarantula file and added it to my listing. She then purchased the design.

This transaction occurred a few weeks ago and I heard nothing from the customer sense. But yesterday she contacted me informing me that the tarantula PES file would not open on her machine. I racked my brain trying to figure out what might be going wrong. My first thought was that perhaps the version of PES file that my Bernina Artista software was creating was potentially incompatible with her machine. So I re-exported the file from my conversion software – thinking it would create a different (hopefully more compatible) version of PES file, and sent it to my customer. Unfortunately this did not fix the problem.

I turned to my embroidery Facebook groups to request their advice on the situation. Within an hour I had at least five responses saying that the reason why the machine wouldn’t open the file was because was most likely due to the fact that that design was scaled too large. If you want a design to fit in a 4″ x 4″ hoop, you actually need to make it slightly smaller than 4 inches. My Facebook friends recommended making the design no larger than 3.93″ So I scaled the design down a bit and sent the file back to my customer.  Once again – no luck.  But it seemed like we were getting closer.  It showed up on the machine but would not load.

Back to Facebook.  Someone suggested that maybe the design was not properly centered.  It turns out that the tarantula was actually not centered! The trick was to figure out how to fix it. After futzing around in my software I discovered that if i made the starting point in the center the PES version of the design would be centered.

Fortunately – the design finally worked for my customer!  Yay!  Now I need to go back into all of my designs and make sure the small PES versions are centered and no larger then that 3.93″ maximum in any direction.  I especially need to check the Varsity Numbers appliqué designs as I will be sending this file to my customer as a token of my appreciation of her patience!

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