Wyoming guy on horse machine appliqué

By on February 25th, 2013
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In the spirit of the state iconography I have been playing with, I thought it might be cool to create some appliqué designs that reference different states.  So I started with Wyoming.  You see this graphic on the Wyoming license plates of a guy on a horse. It’s iconic.  I thought it would make a great machine appliqué.

Generally, the digitizing went alright, but my execution was not so great. (Notice all the fuzzy edges around the stitching.) First of all, I stitched it out in red corduroy – which seems a bit tricky for appliqué because it is a bit thick.  Also – I used a thin statin stitch which left very little room for error when trimming away the excess fabric around the design.  The reason why I used a smaller width for the satin stitch was because I didn’t want to lose the detail of the horse outline.

I actually liked the look of the design during the middle of the process when it was simply zigzagged on. I think the rough edge of the appliqué design suits the subject of the graphic.

I am thinking… a little boy t-shirt may be in the making. Thoughts?

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store

3 thoughts on “Wyoming guy on horse machine appliqué

  1. Very nicely done. I like the silhouette style.

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