Simple and cute spider filled embroidery design and appliqué


This cute and versatile little spider embroidery and appliqué design is perfectly creepy.  You will get several sizes of the appliqué version of the spider as well as small filled embroidery designs.

Note: this product is part of a monthly design bundle.  Check out the collection to save big.

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A simple spider in two different versions: filled and appliqué.

Sizes – Appliqué Versions

Large: 4.24″ x 6.09″ – 4845 stitches (rotated 90 degrees)
Medium: 3.39″ x 4.87″ – 3799 stitches (rotated 90 degrees)
Smaller: 3.90″ x 2.72″ – 3007 stitches

Stitch order – Appliqué Versions

1) Legs
2) Body – placement stitching
3) Body – tack down stitching
4) Body – rough zig zag stitching
5) Body – final satin stitching
6) Eyes

Sizes – Filled Versions

Large: 3.90″ x 2.71″ – 4219 stitches
Medium: 2.73″ x 1.90″ – 2665 stitches
Smaller: 1.91″ x 1.33″ – 1670 stitches

Stitch Order – Filled Versions

1) Legs
2) Body
3) Eyes

Please note: this is a set of embroidery designs.  You will need an embroidery machine or an embroidery module on your sewing machine to stitch out these designs.

When you purchase this listing, you will be sent a link to download all the files.  The file you will download is a ZIP file that contains all designs in the following formats: ART, HUS, PES, VIP, XXX, VP3, DST, EXP and JEF. You simply need to uncompress the ZIP file to gain access to all the designs.

Learn how to uncompress a ZIP file and get your embroidery designs onto your embroidery machine.

Please do not share files with your sewing and embroidery friends. Digitizing takes time and creativity. Feel free to sell items you sew that incorporate my executed (stitched out) design. Thank you for respecting my copyright.